Learning FAST using US Mentor

We were grateful enough to have a chance and lay our hands on the newest ultrasound mentor! The medical students definitely had a blast learning the basics of ultrasound using the ultrasound mentor. Thank you so much for this opportunity!


Kelantan Flood Disaster Relief Team 2014

      The UITM Medical Faculty Disaster Relief Team was deployed during the 2014 Kelantan Floods. The team, comprising Medical Specialists, Medical Officer, Paramedics and admin staff flew to Kelantan on a miliary Hercules c-130 airplane, bringing together supplies to the flood stricken districts in Kelantan. Medical bases were…


First Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Course

Congratulations to the Emergency Medicine Team for a successful ACLS course on the 12th to 13th of November 2014 which was held in the Clinical Skills Lab of Selayang Campus.